Need help with your new PC/Laptop?

Daunted by setting it up? Have you really got everything I need? Let me help you!

It's often easy to forget many things when setting up a new PC for the first time. I go through a comprehensive process to ensure everything you need and require is in place. Upgrading or adding new equipment/peripherals to your computer? Need advice on what to choose or help installing? Software licences Subscriptions?

Transfering data/files from old PC or backup devices, NAS Storage. I can help there too!

Friendly and helpful advice on what else you may need to consider once up and running.

Frustrating Problems

Frustrating problems with your device driving you to dispare? Let me see if I can help resolve any Issues and make it more fun!

  • Computer Slow?
  • System Crashed?
  • Unexplained Error Messages?
  • Start-up/Shutdown Issues?

These and many other things that can cause the use of your PC/Laptop/Device to be a frustrating and at times an unrewarding experience. Honest assesment of condition and state of PC/Laptop Mobile/Tablet and advice.

Help with Network Issues

Got Internet/Network problems?

Need a network set-up?
Need network cables run? (Have contacts for this)
Poor Wi-Fi reception?
PowerLine/Homeplug alternative solution... Mesh Wi-Fi Solutions...
Network Attached Storage or NAS Solutions. Make you files avaliabe to all devices!

There is always a solution, wired or wireless!

Other things I can help with

Smartphones & Tablets

  • New Tablet or Smartphone?
  • It's a different beast to set up!
  • Google/Apple accounts!
Please Note: Sorry I don't do physical repairs to Smartphones or Tablets.

Help & Training

  • Not getting the best out of your PC/Laptop?
  • Need some Help or training?
  • Need some advice?
Friendly plain speaking assistance

Think you have been Infected

Suspect you have a Virus or Malware? Have you been hacked? Have you got good internet security in place?

I may be able to help

Click for Remote support page

Remote Support

I can often help with a lot of issues remotly, I offer Secure remote access support from the page below.

Learn more