Services.....  Tablets/Smartphones - setup & help

  • New Tablet or Smartphone?  
  • It's a different beast to set up!
    • Google/Apple accounts!
  • Are you getting the best out of it?
    • Eg sync data from PC/Laptop
  • Let me help you!  
Modern Tablets and Smartphones are great!  Letting you browse the web access your e-mail in a convenient freindly way.  

And hey you might even be able to make a phone call!

But they can do soooo much more......................
Unlock the potential of these devices!

Current expertise is based around Android and some Apple iOS
But I sure I can be of assistance whatever system your device uses.

Friendly and helpful advice on what else you may need to consider once up and running.

Please Note: Sorry I don't do physical repairs to Smartphones or Tablets.

Are you connecting to the Internet? or wishing to create a home network?  I can help there too! Click the links.